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​​​Marcé of North America

Thursday, October 24

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- Caring for Women Using Substances – A Focus on Cannabis and
​    Opioids during the Prenatal and Post-pregnancy Period

   Margaret Howard (Chair), Hendree Jones, Connie Guille

 -  Trauma-Informed Therapies in the Perinatal Period

    Cheryl Beck (Chair), Maria Muzik, Helen Kim


- Obstetric Psychopharmacology

    Katherine Wisner (Chair), Catherine Stika, Crystal Clark

- Introduction to Buprenorphine Assisted Treatment of Opioid

    Use Disorder: Special Consideration for Perinatal Women

​    Camille Hoffman (Chair), Anupriya Gogne

- Perinatal Program Development and Implementation

​   Sonia Murdock (Chair), Shannon Erisman and Margaret Howard  (Day     

    Program), Samantha Meltzer-Brody, (In-patient Unit), Lisa Segre,  (Listening      Visits),  and Simone Vigod (Virtual Care)