​Marcé of North America

Membership Dues

Full Members  (Professionals, Clinicians, Advocates)              

Trainees (Residents, Fellows, Interns - subject to verification)              

$ 85 ​

Dues are annual - from January 1 to December 31:
Members joining now  - membership will be through 12/31/2018.

​​​​As of 1/1/18 the Perinatal Mental Health Society is an official regional group of the Marcé Society and so your membership in Marcé of North America (MONA) means that you are also a Silver member of the international Marcé Society.

Your MONA membership is for basic (Silver Level) membership in the International Marcé Society and if you would like to be a Marcé member at a higher level you may do so at an incremental rate paid directly to them.

We are pleased to invite members

to join the MONA for the

calendar year 2018!  

Members are asked to send questions and comments to other members through listserv@perinatalmentalhealth.com